AT Hikers

Here at the Lakeshore House, we LOVE Appalachian Trail hikers!!  There is nothing better than being part of helping you complete your goals on the trail!   Effective 2/12/2021, we will resume offering full lodging services now that Covid-19 has become seemingly more manageable! Please contact us if you have questions we haven’t answered on this page.

A few important details:

  • We are close to the trail and offer a free shuttle service to get you started or round you up.
  • All services are right around us as needed.
  • We are clean, uncomplicated and authentic.
  • Our hostel is friendly to hikers. You are welcome here (your dog is too if they’re also friendly)!
  • Our rooms fill up fast – think about calling ahead.
  • Reservations are required (sadly) during these crazy Covid-19 times…
  • We have a large screen TV for those “must see” sporting events.

Learn more by visiting our FAQ page


Thank you to all hikers of the Class of 2019!!

I am truly blessed to have met everyone who walked through the door and became a part of our little place here…. Please, please send summit photos!! WELCOME CLASS OF 2021,  YEE HAW!!