Will you be open for lodging for the 2021 hiking season?

ENTHUSIASTICALLY YES. However, we are following COVID-19 mandates including extra cleaning, wearing masks, hand sanitizer availability, etc.  If hikers come in a group, we ask that they all room together. When non-hikers or visiting folks come and hikers are also lodging, there is an assumed risk since it is hostel-style lodging – there is a *shared* bathroom on the second floor and two full bathrooms on the first floor (pub/restaurant) during peak summer months (typically June through mid-September).

Is there cell reception at the trail head on Rt. 15 and/or the blue blaze on Pleasant Street?

YES. It can sometimes be spotty, though.

Can I eat the AYCE breakfast at Shaw’s lodging even if I don’t stay there?

YES, it is $10.00, but please call them the night before: 207-997-3597.

Is there another breakfast option in town?

The newly renovated Monson General Store (few hundred yards up the street) has breakfast sandwiches and wraps plus great coffee.  Irving’s (AKA A.E. Robinson’s – the gas station/mini-mart; a few hundred yards down the street) has good breakfast sandwiches as well. Call Shaw’s for a full, hot breakfast!

Do you take credit cards?


Do you accept dogs?

YES, as long as they stay with you and are well-behaved.

Do you have work-for-stay?

This is variable depending upon how busy we are.  Please feel free to ask – we may be able to use you!

Did you boost your WiFi in 2021 to make it easier to stream, upload etc….?

Yes.  In 2019, the town now installed fiber optic internet.  With our (Nick Fusco & Erin Miller) new ownership, we upgraded the WiFi in April 2021.

Do you provide shuttles at a reasonable price?

YES, for our guests. Please feel free to call and discuss.

Do you provide food drops?

Yes, but not the historical “bucket” drop any more.  Now it is $100 (if we meet you half-way up to Katahdin hiker-wise) and we’ll meet the person pre-arranged.  Depending on what your needs, price may be variable.

Did we ever have a problem with a food drop?

YES, once with previous ownership, but the problem was solved so fast, everyone’s heads were spinning….

Do you have internet available?


Do you accept mail drops for free?

Yes, for our guests. Otherwise the price is $5.

Send them to yourself:

C/O Lakeshore House
9 Tenney Hill Road Box 307
Monson, ME 04464

The PO Box number is CRUCIAL!!  Also if you put an “ETA” date on the box make sure you put it away from the address, off to the side somewhere.

Do you have laundry services?

YES. Laundry is $5/load. Detergent included.

Do you have obscure cell phone chargers that might fit my phone?


Is there a phone I can use to make plans if I don’t have a cell phone?


Can I check in or check out at any time?

YES, but your pack needs to be out of your room by 10:30 AM if you’re hanging around for awhile.

Do you have a floating water trampolines for guest use?

No, we used to but it “died” after 8 years of solid use.  Sorry!

Is there an on-call reasonably priced massage therapist?

YES, several actually.

Do you have tent spots?

No, not anymore.  Shaw’s Hiker Hostel does, though.

Do you have a really cool place to swim, boat, and fish for free?


Do you have any all-you-can-eat (AYCE) meals?

We used to, but had to stop.  Our restaurant was too small to keep up with the demand. Sorry.

Can we watch endless movies and eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?

YES (ice cream not provided).

Can we make reservations for rooms?

YES.  Please email (LSHMonson@yahoo.com) or call us at 207-997-7069.  We will be following COVID-19 guidelines as far as cleaning requirements, guests staying in groups, wearing masks, hand sanitizer availability, etc.  Please see our Lodging & Rates page.

Is there a refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, and toaster for me to use?


Is the town hiker friendly?


Do you have vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free dishes?

YES, plenty!

Do you care if I smell or am tired and irritable?

NO, NO, NO!!! (But please shower before you come down to the restaurant…)

Do you have cool hiker loaner-clothes?

YES, pre-washed ;).