Won’t you join us for a meal? We hope that your dining experience at Lakeshore House will be unique! The majority of our food is prepared to order and, therefore, is not sitting in a steam table somewhere. Yuck. Our kitchen is small so please keep in mind that when the tables are full we sometimes bring food out at a slower pace. This gives you an opportunity to be patient! Your meal is important so relax and enjoy the atmosphere and people around you. We have games, toys, breathtaking sunsets, chalk, reading material, WIFI, bathrooms and great staff to entertain you while you wait!

Check out the specials board and ask about our homemade desserts! Please allow your children to be themselves when they are here. Don’t shush them or make them stay in their seats. All of our staff here either have a child or are one still so we understand. That is why you go out to eat and tip generously, right?

We love feedback in the form of both constructive criticism and compliments!

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