Lodging & Rates

With new ownership starting in February ’21, we are happy to announce that we WILL BE accepting lodging guests!  We will be following COVID-19 cleaning requirements to provide you a healthy and happy stay.
Welcome to Monson for the 2021 season!

Please call 207-997-7069 for reservations or inquire via email at LSHMonson@yahoo.com.

For those visiting, please note that we are following the Governor’s travel policies (see #3) regarding COVID-19 tests and/or immunization status.

An Important COVID Note: If hikers come in a group, we ask that they all room together (4 people max per room unless you want to borrow a mattress and sleep on the floor for, say, 5 or 6 guests; space permitted). When non-hikers or visiting folks come and hikers are also lodging, there is an assumed risk that a guest could possibly get COVID-19 since it is hostel-style lodging – there is a *shared* bathroom on the second floor (available year-round) and two full bathrooms on the first floor (pub/restaurant) available during peak summer months, typically June through mid-September.  Albeit, with hikers coming off the 100-mile wilderness and being in the woods 7 or more days, their odds of having COVID-19 are low. Also, people are getting immunized more readily. But we wanted to make you aware because your health and and peace of mind are important to us.



Our rates are extremely reasonably priced! Our rooms are “clean, uncomplicated and authentic,” according to one of our favorite, regularly lodging guests!  Our rooms are generally rented by the “bed” not the room unless you are requesting and paying for a private room.  This is to allow for the most rentals possible during our busy seasons (June through September) and the most cost effective sleeping arrangement for our guests.  While not upscale, you will feel right at home in our fully furnished private and shared rooms.

Hostel-esque is a good way to describe the lodging area: all three bedrooms share the common area with couches and some basic kitchen facilities as well as a shared bathroom (three shared bathrooms in the summer).  We have two stacked washer/dryers as well ($5 per wash/dry; includes detergent).


We have three bedrooms which total 7 beds at present.

  • The bunk style room is $25 per person when others are sharing the room.
  • A private room for one person is $50.
  • A private room for two people is $70. (All rooms plus 9% tax). 
    • Each additional person is $15 (plus tax).

Scroll down to see the configuration of each of our rooms!


WiFi is free, and the entire building is Wireless!  The cell phone coverage can be spotty, but is getting better all the time.  Monson has high speed fiber optic internet now.  Let’s put it to the test, AT class of 2021!!

A kitchenette in the shared lounge offers a mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, basic dishes and utensils.  The living room has a television with a DVD/VCR player, cable and numerous videos from all genres. The shelves are lined with books, puzzles and games. There are ample cozy spots for reading and relaxing.

Each room is unique and offers the comforts of home for the active vacationer.  There are also plenty of fans!


We have one bathroom on the second floor where the bedrooms are and, during summer peak months, two more full baths on the first floor where the restaurant is.  We take pride in having clean, well-stocked bathrooms that include all towel sizes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair dryer, Epsom salt and foot baths.

Common Area

The common area is long and skinny, but has great comfy seating, a TV and an epic VHS collection (we’re really proud of this…).  We have lots of sewing stuff, games, puzzles, cards, books, and great conversation.  We want you to feel right at home in this space!  Carpets replaced in 2018, so we have a “no hiking boot” rule (please).  There is a nice long porch you can sit on with a very long clothes line you are welcome to use.

Sitting spots

There are good places to hang out and rest both in and outdoors.  Feel free to ask and/or explore!  There are kayaks, a paddle boat and two stand up paddle boards free for our lodging guests and by donation for others not staying with us.

Room 4

This can be rented privately or semi-private and sleeps up to 4.  Each twin bed is $25 per person and the Queen bed is $35 plus $15 for an extra person.

Room 5

This room has four twin beds (one set of bunks) and each bed is $25 each.  During peak time, if you wanted to rent this room privately, you would need to rent out all four beds.

Room 6

This room can be rented semi-private or private with 2 double beds.

$50 (1 person), $70 (2 pp), $85 (3 pp),  $100 (4 pp)  (plus 9% lodging tax)

Yes, there used to be rooms #1, #2, and #3!  We could explain that when you get here…